make-up artist

My name is Lisa Whittington and I am a professional Makeup Artist. Since I was a little girl I was always found of the beauty in makeup. As I got older I would do makeup for myself and my friends. I enjoyed shopping for makeup and experiencing with different styles looking up the latest trends. I asked myself after high school what I was going to do with my life and make-up was always there. I loved makeup so much I worked at an Estee Lauder counter selling products and applying makeup to customers. I went to Chesapeake School of Esthetics in 2002 and became a Makeup Artist. I worked at Chesapeake Beach Hotel and Spa specializing in makeup for weddings. Taking time off to raise my three children I found myself still in love with makeup and have since joined Clique Boudoir Photography as her makeup artist. I am also a freelance makeup artist specializing in weddings, special events, and makeup lessons. My diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited only to my artistic talent. I have the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of my subject, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal.

Check her out on Instagram @lisawhittingtonmakeuplove