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A Creamy Savory Night

With this chilly morning I got inspired, by the nip in the air, the crisp taste of apple cider and warm blankets. All of that brought on ideas for my plans for tonight, and if you feel like indulging as well, I’ve got it all laid out for you. This evening calls for a bit of multitasking, so keep in mind to be patient and let the finished product come when ready.


Apple Gouda Grilled Cheese

Makes 2 Servings

4 Slices of Sourdough Bread

1 Granny Smith Apple, Peeled and Sliced Thin

4 Slices of Smoked or Regular Gouda Cheese



Homemade Hot Chocolate

Makes 4 Servings

3 Tbs of Cocoa Powder

3 Cups of Whole Milk

6 Oz of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

3 Tbs of Sugar

Whipped Cream for Topping

Baileys Irish Cream



Start off with slipping into something comfortable, I’m feeling an over-sized sweater, some leggings or jeans and cozy socks. After your attire is set feel free to light some fall candles and dim the lights, play some music and prepare to grill some sandwiches and indulge with creamy hot coco.

Smear butter on sourdough and prepare sandwiches, while assembling preheat a pan, with butter, on the stove top, low-medium heat. You don’t want to start off too strong and fizzle out before the night starts.

Once pan for grilled cheese has a sheen from the melted butter gingerly place sandwiches and cook like you would a regular grilled cheese. Allowing the sandwiches to come to a luscious toast, let the heat tease and bring the sandwiches to a slow building firm and creamy finish.


While pan is heating measure out ¾ cup of water and bring to a simmer in a medium to small pot. Once a simmer is reached whisk in the 3 Tbs of cocoa powder, continue to whisk until there is no lumps. 

Once the water and chocolate mixture is whisked smooth, bring the simmer down and add the milk. Once milk is added bring that temperature back up and allow to simmer once more. Add chocolate and sugar and constantly whisk for the next five minutes, or until chocolate is completely mixed.

Keep that arm going, you are almost there.

Once the grilled cheese is toasted and properly melted plate your sandwiches. Serve the hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream  and whipped cream if you are feeling a bit friskier or want to kick up the steamy beverage.


This evening meal is full with savory crisp flavors and creamy textures. Let yourself relax and enjoy.