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New Ways, New Paths, New Directions

Sometimes when the wind blows it is best to stay in place. To stay strong and bare it. However this piece of writing is about the other outcome of high winds, this is about going with the wind and seeing where it takes you.



As some of you may know from watching updates on Michelle's videos that she has been approached by another boudoir company, Three Boudoir. While endless effort and unknown amounts of emotion went into Clique Boudoir, Michelle has decided to work with Three Boudoir to bring herself to a place that allows quality and quantity of life. Michelle is available upon request at Three Boudoir, where you can get her expertise for $99.


Clique isn’t done, though. Michelle is still shooting boudoir from her studio but for clients that are looking for a more luxurious experience. So this means that Michelle will be taking fewer clients and be producing images that will be worth more. Prices will be increasing and products will be being upgraded.



Michelle and I will also be working on projects that are close to our hearts. We are going to be working on a book as well as other future projects.


So for all scheduled clients, your shoots are still good to go, with the current pricing staying for your packages. And for those looking to book head over to Three Boudoir and ask to have a shoot with Michelle.