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Get Your Freak On

Why have vanilla when there is so many flavors out there? Like pistachio, mocha chip, ménage á trois, bdsm, or fetishism. Experimenting and accepting other ways to have coitus allows you to learn and expand, it gives you a broadening range and can open up new pathways to pleasure. Below is a list of places that are the most likely to get you laid and give you an opportunity to explore.


Iowa City, IA


Columbus, OH

Santa Rosa, CA

Blacksburg, VA


Seattle, WA

Lincoln, NE

Tallahassee, FL

Kingston, NY


Morgantown, WV

Las Vegas, NV

Vallejo, CA

Champaign-Urbana, IL


Lawrence, KS

Ames, IA

Boulder, CO

Austin, TX


Ithaca, NY

Oxnard, CA

Ann Arbor, MI


Santa Barbara, CA


All info was found on Huffington post.