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10 Lingerie Tips

Since I have started working with Michelle, I have started a new collection of lingerie. Lingerie for me before I got into it was a bit ridiculous, all it served was to be taken off, for the pleasure of a lover that just want’s to remove it.



Lace and sheer are my best friends now. I am obsessed with bodysuits, and wearing them with jeans, or just around the house. I have a new ideal with how lingerie should be used. Lingerie is for the wearer, I like to wear what makes me feel good, that I feel hot in lingerie is the first priority and the opinion of anyone else involved is second.


When it comes time to get new lingerie I tend to have a few rules that I keep in mind when shopping. If your lingerie is beat up, or no longer fits, or doesn’t make you happy, it is time to get something new. I also believe that lingerie should be bought whenever you want it, if you are in a relationship or not, it is for you first and others second.



  1. Do I like it, and am I comfortable.

  2. Is it similar to anything else I own.

  3. Does it make me happy.

  4. Price, sometimes a splurge on something amazing it worth it.

  5. I like spontaneous lingerie purchases.

  6. If it can be lounged around in, get it, and don’t be afraid to be a tease.

  7. Does it go well with your skin tone.

  8. Don’t settle if you don’t love it.

  9. Shop around, and take your time.

  10. Bring a friend, if you need a hype man, or someone to be honest with you.