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I Am Crushing On These Women

Alfred Kinsey is a man that has affected my life by the work he did in 1948. Dr. Kinsey created a test to show on a spectrum of what a persons sexuality tends to. The scale is from 1 to 6, one being completely heterosexual and six homosexual. While this test has been around for decades it has been taken too many times to count with most of the results being that a person is never 100% gay or straight. We all lay around the 2-5 range, and have the ability to see aspects of sexual appeal in both genders.


I fall onto the number 3 on this scale, being able to be attracted to both male and female types. While most people know that I am married to my husband and have had a crush on Matt Damon and Nick Carter since conception I also am attracted to some fabulous women as well.


Here is that list.  


1 Tina Fey.

She's hot and funny, swoon



2 Amy Poehler

I don’t need to repeat myself



3 Mindy Kaling

Rockin’ bod and she gets me



4 Leslie Jones

She never leaves me without a smile



5 Aubrey Plaza

I love that face



6 Laverne Cox

She is one tough lady



7 Jennifer Lawrence

I like a girl with curves