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Keyboard Activism; A New Way to Protest, Downfalls and Pros

When something goes wrong and calls for action by society there is several ways outcomes and reactions that the population has. From taking up arm, activism, ignoring the situation, and slacktivism. Our reactions usually are the first three in the list above, but the last option is becoming the more popular, with the aid of web 2.0 and social media.


What is slacktivism?

Slacktivism is the act or appearance of being an activist but with actions that don’t reach their cause. The most common example of this lack of action can be seen on facebook regularly, the filters that can be applied to a profile picture that support a cause, posts that express feelings but don’t accomplish anything. Sharing of a gay pride or support image but not letting those ideals cross over into life, sharing a page that raises money for disaster relief but not actually donating.


The Positives and Negatives

Pros to Being a Slacktivist

With the way we all use social media and the development of web 2.0 it allows us to create a dialog, and create a dialog that isn’t inhibited by anything in the physical surrounds. Slacktivism allows for information to be spread, and to be spread in a way that gives a feeling that being an activist is optional. If a person isn’t the type to get out there and do something, it gives them a chance to fill other people in without getting out of their comfort zone.


Cons to Being a Slacktivist

However, the reach of the conversations are only to those with access to the internet and electronic devices.  A slacktivist isn’t helping a cause to get to their goal in a forward way, which can make a process worse. This form of lazy activism also puts out a message that says that it’s okay to not truly stand up one's beliefs, that putting it out there on the internet is good enough.



My Thoughts on Slacktivism

While slacktivism is the thing to do when you are busy and allows you to state your opinions and feelings, slacktivism is not the way to go. Our thoughts and opinions alone are not going to get anything done, actions do speak louder than words.

Being a slacktivist does have it’s place, being an activist however is always a better way to actually get things done.