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Take an Environmentally Friendly Bath

Skincare and luxury bath items are my weakness in life. From bee venom to ponds cold cream I have tried almost everything. But Lush Cosmetics is my Skin God. All Hail Lush!


Lush is a handmade cosmetics and skincare line from Canada. They specialize in animal friendly and vegan products, and bath bombs and shower jellies, as well as hair products as well. In a Lush store you can find soaps, face masks, henna hair dye, fun bath items, and a world of pretty smelling things that you will all of a sudden need in your life.


Lush is a lifestyle, some would say it’s hippy or crunchy, but to those of us who are avid Lush fans, we are called Lushies. We sleep, inhale and exhale Lush.


This week on Monday the 31st Lush released some  products that were seasonal, but now are available regularly, into the stores here in the US. So on my day off on Tuesday Lush is where I went.


What I Picked Up




This grey geometric bath bomb is supposedly the new favorite of all. The scent is calming and cozy, the surprise is inside though. Just like the name predicts the gray drab outside is just a shell to the colorful wonderland it will create in your bath.


Yellow Submarine


Homage to The Beatles, this bomb is all bring colors and is not holding back for any surprises. The bright colors elude to the scents of lemon and sugary sweet, which is exactly what it is.




Pink isn’t a new bath bomb, it has just been redesigned with loads of glitter and cotton candy smells. This bath bomb is my new go to when I just need a sweet break and a good book.

Lush has been in my life for a few years now, and I like to share the love as well. The first person to email me at will be given one of the new bath bombs. Lush is a treat yo’ self kind of store, they specialize in making feel and smell good items that are not a burden on the environment. So let me help you out and give you a bathing experience you’ll love.