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Let Me Hook You Up Tonight

I’ve got you covered tonight. Here is instructions to have a scandalous Friday dinner date with your lover, or solo. 


Follow these directions and be ready for a night of sultry chicken, lovely lingerie, good wine, and a night that will end with multi levels of pleasure. Feel free to incorporate elements of yourself and relationship into this recipe. Don’t be afraid to venture from the standards and take delight in your night.






For Lovers:

Sexywear of Choice

Makeup, or Lack of

Glass/Bottle of Wine


Any Prefered Extras


For Dinner:

Two Chicken Breasts

Bottle of Sweet White Wine

Four Cups of Heavy Cream

Rosemary Sprigs

Tablespoon of Butter

Boxed Rice



Lovers Get Ready.

This is about you.


Step 1.

Get on something comfortable and be ready to go grocery shopping if you need to. If you have all ingredients you can skip over this step and the next.


Step 2.

Pick up what you need. Chicken Breasts, panties, etc.


Step 3.

Once home with all of the needed materials. Unpack them and slip into your choice of sexywear.


Step 4.

Turn on, the stove top to medium. Place a sliver of butter into medium fry pan and let melt in the heat. Start rice as well, and cook using directions on box


Step 5.

Place two chicken breasts in the pan. Allow to cook fully. About 4-6 minutes per side.


Step 6.

Once chicken is fully cooked, remove chicken and set aside. Locate wine opener and sensually open bottle of wine, pour a glass for yourself and partner, then pour two cups of wine into the same pan the chicken was cooking. Keep on Medium heat.


Step 7.

Let wine simmer for a few minutes, let it heat up. Take a wooden spoon and scrape off any chicken left in the pan and let it intermingle with the wine. Then bring it to a boil.


Step 8.

Once at boil pour in two cups of heavy cream, stir together with wine mixture. Allow the cream and wine to boil together for 2 minutes, then bring the heat down to low and let the sauce thicken and cool. While cooling sprinkle in tablespoon of rosemary.


If sauce doesn’t thicken, add more heavy cream.


Step 9.

On your most tantalizing dining plates, create a supple bed of rice. Gingerly place chicken on bed. Gaze into your lovers eyes and decant the wine sauce onto the breast of chicken.


Step 10.

Enjoy your meal. Have some wine or drink of choice. Allow yourself to relax and take in your senses, taste, touch, sound and view. Let yourself get carried away.