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Meet Nagle

My time here a Clique has been an adventure. I have been brought into a family, and even though this is Michelle’s business there is a full team behind her. Each Friday for the next few weeks there will be a post on who is all behind the scenes of this boudoir studio. You will meet those who help paint, who are patient when waiting for sessions to finish, who is there with ideas and support, first we are going to start off with the painter, the heavy lifter, and Michelle’s husband. Mr. Anthony Rednagle.


When Mr.Rednagle is not helping out in the studio he is an HVAC tec. Not only does he test lighting he also keeps the house cool and comfortable. I learned that he prefers to go by the name Nagle, not Tony, but formally Anthony is ok.


Nagle is a quiet guy, but when he talks, he’ll chew my ear off, if he get’s a chance. To get some info on him I had come up with a short questionnaire. The questions were given and answered over the phone, kept short and sweet then later adjusted by Michelle.


Do you like to show off your wife's job?

Ehhhh, I don't boast but I show them off, when people ask


Michelle: Yesss all the time, whips it out whenever he can


What is the best part of Michelles business?

It’s hers and she built from the ground up, there is satisfaction in that.


If you could only tell Michelle one thing what would that be?

I love her and that I am proud of her and that I appreciate everything that she's done for me.


Pizza topping: Cheese


TV show or movie: Not sure,

Michelle: Dukes of Hazzard, he’s got a poster of it in the garage


Weekend Activities: Boating this weekend, water sports. Wakeboard.


Book: I don't really read.

Michelle: He has a book on the nightstand, it’s the only one I’ve seen him read, it’s called multiple streams of income-- how to get rich.


Cat vs. Dog: Dog


What would your autobiography be called? I am the ultimate man.


What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way? Hmmmm. . . .


Michelle: Everything, cutting wood, doing everything himself, he’s a fuddy duddy