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One Crazy Wednesday

Well it’s only 11 am and it has been a crazy one so far. There is a new studio layout that is getting used for the first time today! I have shortstop with me at work and he’s being good sitting on a chair all snuggled up, and there was a stray cat found under Michelle's’ car.


Now, I am a dog person 100%, dogs and me are best friends. Growing up I did have a few cats running around on the farm that were friendly enough to pet, cats are cute fluffy animals, but they think that they are better than me. Some cats are cool, the ones that act like dogs. I wouldn't say that I don't like any animals, it’s just that I have preferences.


Seeing an animal on the street doesn’t really bother me as long as they are happy and are healthy. After all animals are wild. But seeing an animal in pain or not living a life that is good to them gets to me. This cat has had a rough time, it’s fur is matted, it is thin, and has something wrong with one of it’s paws. However despite the lack of positive attention and care this cat has been given it is quite friendly. Coming up to everyone and purring, and accepting all the attention it can get.

Overall if there is a stray animal in need be careful, do not get bitten or scratched. Offer water in a dish and call the local animal control or animal shelter or hospital. Help an animal live a life that supports their needs.


Studio Redesign

The past two weeks have been dedicated to switching up the studio. There is several new setups, some were just touched up others were scrapped and a few new backgrounds were created. Clique Boudoir is looking lush and fresh. Check out the Facebook video and pictures to come!