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The Women in My Life

I’ve been stumped this week on what to write about for the blog. I’ve been thinking about health, education, music and books, something light and fun. However for today I am writing about the women in my life that have affected me in a huge way.


My Mother.

My mom, Denise, is a badass. This woman raised three kids a supported a family of five on her teacher's income. She taught me to appreciate teamwork, to try my best in sports and in school. She encouraged me to stick though situations I wanted to walk away from, which lead to me being a stronger person.


I know that my mom doesn’t read my blogs but I want her to know that I think that she is a strong beautiful person. Mom, you put up with barely having the ability to walk, you put up with me, dad, Matthew and Anthony, and I am thankful for that. I want you to know that not everything needs to be dealt with, that sometimes walking away is the best thing to do, for yourself and others. I am here if you need anything, a place to escape to, a beach with wine coolers, a lap dog and a good Netflix series. Surround yourself with people who actually appreciate what you do, you don’t have to sit there and take it. I am proud that you are my mom and I love you.


My Grandmother.

Carol, you are my heart and soul, even if your Facebook usage is questionable. You are my number one supporter, I realize that, and you can comment on this if you’d like. No matter what you have been there to listen, though tears, excitement and vows, it’s been you. You are so loving and have taught me to forgive, love, and to not accept something that doesn’t make me happy. You told me that you knew I had this job before I even had an in person interview. You have a sixth sense, God gave you something that connects us, I’m not sure what it is but I am grateful that we have it.


My Professor.

Dr. Ann Brady, Scientific and Technical Communication professor at Michigan Technological University. We don’t keep in touch, but whenever I run into her or need any help she is there, she is there for all of her students. When I went to Tech I was horrified and knew that it wasn’t for me. I was not cut out to be at the top engineering school. Dr. Brady gave me an opportunity to try again, to open myself up to thinking about science as an art, she let me use my creative side to explain to others complex ideas, to share a love for science and art. My first semester as an STC was a bit rough, I turned my work in on time, but all of my writing was sub-par. In classes I was doing great, I was a student that was easy to get along with, but I was just too busy with work outside of school.


Dr. Brady you sat me down that first semester and told me what you saw, how you thought I could go and affect people with my writing, that I possessed something that others do not. You came into class everyday with a smile, purple streaks in hair, and coffee, you came into the classroom and cared for your students. When we went to dinner after the spring semester, I was so thankful that I was able to study under you, and I still am. You are a strong, inspiring woman and I love you. I look up to you and if you ever want to get away from the cold winters in Houghton, you’ve got my email and I have a guest room.



Although there are many women I want to thank for being who they are, these are the three that I aspire to be. I would also like to thank Michelle, for she gave me a chance, opened up her home, has adorable dogs (and children) and let’s me use her pool. Michelle, I am looking forward to our time together and I am ready for you to be back from vacation.


Women inspire me in all ways, some are smart, some are strong, some are fearless. I want to thank everyone mentioned above for being my everything. I also want to encourage you, the reader, to let someone know how much they mean to you today.