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Word Emotions

Rice, Your Mom and You

Words have effect on people. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, is not true. In a time that people communicate in sometimes words alone on a screen, words have more control than what we think.

This has many ways to go and a lot to be said about, however this is going to be about how words negative, positive and ignoring has on a person, on the self and on rice.



Cooked white rice is put into three jars equally. One jar is labeled “love”, the second labeled “hate”, and the third is ignored, no label.  Each jar with a label was given thoughts along with their label, good thoughts to the love jar and negative thoughts to the hate jar, and the third jar is ignored- no thoughts. This goes on for 30 days.

This is an experiment by Dr.Emoto. His results and the others who have tried it have gotten similar results. The love jar after a month the rice is still good, doesn’t look bad, the hate jar the rice is molded and gross, while the ignore jar is in a median between the other jars.

Each jar showcased what the thoughts and words sent at them, the negative one was bad the positive one was good and the ignored one was just meh.

Now scientifically speaking this is funny, if every aspect of the experiment was controlled all the rice should be the same. But this experiment has been recreated again and again. Even if you chose to believe it or not, this is a good story to go by when talking about yourself and others.



Words will affect those that you are speaking to, or even around. Words that are negative, written or spoken, if a person picks up on those words it gets to them. Sad stories are sad, when you are being mean, those words hurt like sticks and stones. Give to others what you want them to give to you, kind words.

Treat the people around you like the jar of love rice. They in return will not go bad and stay fresh and free of mold.



We tend to be hard on ourselves. It is usually easier to see the good in others and what we don't like in ourselves. The thoughts we have on ourselves hurt more than just us too. Growing up I always heard my mom give herself a time about her body, how she wishes this and that. This got to me, I’m probably going to be like that when I grow up, I am made of her and will become what she is. My moms thoughts and words to herself got to me.

Like in the rice experiment my mom has some hate rice, and it is transferring to me. But what if we all start sending love words to ourselves? I think that the love words would spread to others too. If the negativity can spread so can the love.