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Bra Fitting

Boob Cages; Science vs. Art

Is getting the right bra size more of a scientific event or an art show?


First take a measurement under your breast around your rib cage, then add two or four or measure where the fullest part of your breast is. Do it all or don’t? What to do when you need a bra fitting is a tricky thing, with many different ways to measure which one is right? Well there isn’t really a way to tell just by measurement.


All of our breasts are different, large to small, tear drop to wide set, real to fake, but we all have an issue when it comes to getting the right bra, if you choose to wear one. Michelle went through the works to find a perfect bra for herself and this is going to tell you what she found out. Or you can watch it too, on here.


Step one is to go to a place that actually has people trained to fit bras. Victorias Secret is great, but if you don't fit into the sizes that they carry they will just give you a bigger band which ends up doing more damage than good. A boutique that has people that are trained in more than how to measure is going to be your best option. They will know how to measure, what type of bra will let your breast look amazing, how to deal with your breast shape, be comfortable and actually fit.


Issues that need to be fixed


Straps Falling or Digging in

The straps of your bra should sit nicely on your shoulders. The straps shouldn’t be bearing the weight either. Just there to keep things in place.


Center of the Chest

The front center of a bra should be flush with your skin. No gaps and not be pushing into your rib cage.


Band Problems

The band can be tricky. Due to different ways people carry weight finding a band based off just measurement is uncommon. Some have squish around their ribs and can benefit from a smaller band if their measured size slips. The band is to take all the support, with a properly fitted band you will improve your posture and lift up the girls.


Gaping and Spillage

It happens to the best of us, there is either a hole where our boobs should be or we are seeping over the sides. Even if a bra says it is your size the layout of the cup right not be right for the shape of your individual breasts. To fix this, try it on. All of them.



There are many more issues that boob owners go through. But finding the bra that takes care of your problems is important.


There is so many options out there, go without, do a bralette, sports bra, bandeau, t-shirt bra, push up, and minimizer. It just takes a proper fitting and some trial and error in the dressing room. Finding a good fitting bra is both a science and an art, you need to find someone who will calculate your size then with their guidance creatively find one that will work for you.