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Body Positivity

I Have a Problem with Barbie and G.I. Joe

Giving Masculine Bodies a Break Too


Body positivity is a great movement. With companies stepping up and showing women that are in the majority of the body types present in society. Growing up most of us played with barbies, a woman that wouldn't be able to live if she was scaled to full size, her neck would snap from the weight of her head if she was 5’. But there is an other demographic that tends to be left out in this body positivity movement. And that is men, or people who don’t identify with the feminine standards.


So yes barbie is unobtainable, but for now we are going to look at the testosterone jacked, 9 pack sculpted by a mold. Not Ken, but Joe, G.I. Joe. G. I. Joe started out as an acceptable boys toy in anthesis to barbie. He was a badass, but when he first was released he looked pretty normal, well he clearly didn’t drink or eat anything besides what his body needed but he still wasn't ripped when Joe first debuted.  However, as toys changed to keep up with the new generations Joe had to get cooler, so eventually he became what we know recognize him as today, Godly.


Going off of that God-like body comment, in the G.I. Joe movies Dwayne Johnson, who plays a literal Demigod in Moanna, worked out six hours a day for twenty years to look the way he does, and he got paid to do it, to have his body constantly not gain, or lose weight. Most people don’t have that kind of time, we have jobs that don’t pay us to workout.


My issue with all of this is that not just women need to see that we are all beautiful is that men need it too. Now there has been a few normal guys to get into the modeling industry and there is a lot of male actors that aren't the conventional male figure, but I think that men need to be part of this movement too. Don’t cast the normal men in movies and tv to the funny guy part, he’s a sexy hero too.  His body with a stomach, love handles and stretch marks is the majority, don’t shame them and focus on womens bodies, masculine bodies need some love too.


Let G.I. Joe enjoy that pizza and beer, let him take some time away from the gym and focus it on what makes him happy.