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Lets Talk About Talking

Are Our Personal Conversations Lacking?

What is Going on with Communication between People and Technology


One theme that I see often, at the library,  home, work and on the road. The thing that I see is the changing ways of communication. The way communication has changed by the means of technology.


I have studied this phenomenon, I have read books by Sherry Turkle, written numerous research papers, sat through many lectures and what I have noticed is that communication changes with time. The way communication changes, it is first seen as a bad thing, that people are lazy. Then a fear of losing culture kicks in and then blame it put onto a younger generation.  In this blog I am here to complain that, the evolution of communication is needed, that change in the way we speak, write, and spell is needed and natural. However, language to me is sexy and sacred, a well written love letter is a turn on, I think that language should be preserved but change is necessary.


Why Change is Needed

Needs change, just like the rest of the elements of the world, trees grow, species develop, medicine gets better, science explores new planets, and our language changes with it. Our language changes to adapt to new social norms, texting and abbreviations save time and convey messages and feelings better than spelling out that you are laughing or are confused as hell. The way people communicate changes as well, email’s are a formal way to communicate, while there is instant messaging which tends to be more informal for most, and writing a letter is so old school that the post office is probably excited when they get a letter and not junk mail.


Communication at this time needs to be fast, direct and to the point. Language used 50 years ago is so flowery and romantic, but flowery and romantic is just wasting time today.  People would rather have something said in a video than read a half a page, to listen to a sound clip, or watch a GIF than a line in an instruction manual. Youtube how to set up any furniture, there will be a video for it and that video will probably be used more than the written instructions that was in the box.


Language is important and at every stage should be preserved, but that is what books and emails are doing now. As the language changes, the internet is saving even the stuff we think we have deleted, the internet is recording for posterity. Our languages and the way conversations are held are being preserved with all of its transitions, even Shakespeare is on the internet and all of us are too. Our Skype calls with loved ones, business emails, all of those conversations are being saved.



One issue that I have is the one on one, in person conversations, private and personal conversations are being lost. Because of the ease of messaging, people are scared and uncomfortable with talking directly to a person. This is where my issue is. This lack of true person to person conversation is important, it builds relationships, it is the most beautiful kind of language and it is dieing. Our relationships are dieing due to the change in ways that we communicate. We need to talk to others, let them know in person what they mean to us, have conversations, smile and not send emoji s.