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You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

Don't you? I’d assume so.

Throwing light on some shade.


Leaving the cattiness behind in middle school and high school is a thing. Well at least that is what I thought. Boys and girls, what is up with being mean to one another? Is it because the internet makes it easier to keep mean habits up? Let's discuss this. Here is my side.


In my adult career, as a teacher and now working with the Amazing Michelle, I have noticed that in the work field that people are comfortable with being rude. And all of my rude experiences have been on Facebook and over silly things.


My First Negative Work Bullying Experience


I have had some awful jobs, but one that I hated the most was being a substitute teacher. Kids at all ages are hard on subs, from being bitten to having books thrown, I suffered through it until my first experience of workplace bullying.  I was subbing for a high school English teacher, the students in the classes were pretty decent, I had no issues during the day, it was a pleasure. Having a degree in writing I corrected a student's mistake that was written on the board. A simple rule . . . over ellipses that is overlooked regularly. The evening of two days later I got a not so nice message from the teacher, who does not have access to me, mutual friends, or the ability to ask the office for my contact information. Overall the message was that I have no right to correct the student, that I was there just to make sure that everyone was in their seats and not causing too much trouble. I responded with a screenshot of the grammar rule that applied to ellipses, and got a screenful of bull and getting blocked so I couldn’t respond.


This kind of petty attitude from  an adult disgusts me. Here I am a young woman and have better manners and a better understanding of grammar rules being harassed by someone who should be better than me in the field.


My Thoughts


While I am all for creative criticism and getting feedback, there is a proper way to do so. First off considering the means of message delivery. Then look at the words one is using, words carry a lot of power over text especially when one cannot see body and facial expressions.  If you have an issue take it up in a positive way, because coming off rude turns a lot of people off and puts them in deflection. Negative comments and experiences will always be remembered longer and held against anyone, even the sweetest of people can be seen as a jerk because of a poorly constructed comment.


My opinion on adults not being able to word themselves in a constructive way is a pet peeve. I am one of those people who will hold onto a mean comment forever. I think that those who are in the working force should know better, should be able to hold and present themselves in a way that is always positive even in bad situations.


In Conclusion


I appreciate all feedback I receive. However, be creative and give constructive feedback. Don’t be a bully because you don’t like something. Be an adult and respond in a respectable manner. Go out and be a role model.