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My Anxiety and Yours

Anxious for Everything 

What to do When You are Anxious for your Boudoir Session

Waking up every morning I get up to a reminder on my phone. The reminder is set to let me know that I have to take Prozac. I am an anxious person, I have been for a while and it just doesn’t stop.



We all experience anxiety in some way or another. Either giving speeches, leading a meeting, leaving the house, or getting pictures taken.



Here is how I deal with my anxiety and how you can calm down and be relaxed and ready for your boudoir photo session.



I caller her Brittney. Brittney my Anxiety Disorder


I had a weird rearing as a child. My family life growing up was a nontraditional one, and after I was able to leave home I realized that I had something wrong with me. I fought it for a while but now I am getting treatment and have learned how to dull down Brittney.



How to Deal with Your own Brittney


So, you are going to be going and getting pictures taken in lingerie or nude. First, that’s pretty cool! Secondly, you have probably never done this before and are nervous and anxious. Being nervous and anxious is normal, however being in a panic or obsessing isn’t. You need Brittney to chill.


So when I am anxious about an event I do a few things to assist with my prescriptions and therapy. Here are those skills.


Super Woman Poses

Check out this video for the poses



There are other activities too, make a paper snowflake etc.


Talk to Someone

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sounds weird, it is, but for me it works better than deep breathing


Go for a Walk


Exercise, Yoga, Play with a Dog/Animals


If you suffer with anxiety and it is a problem, please go see a medical professional. Mental Illness is not something scary, it is common, treatable, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Let me know if any of these tips worked for you and if you are feeling anxious and want to talk. I am always available.