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I am beautiful. I like my body. I have gorgeous hair. My smile is dazzling.


I am not a narcissist and neither are you, unless diagnosed by a mental health professional.


To like yourself isn’t narcissistic. To be proud of a picture of yourself and want to hang it up isn’t narcissistic either. Below you will find what Narcissism is and why you are not narcissistic.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance.

Less that 200,000 people have it, most common in men.

Requires a diagnosis.

Having NPD is a mental illness. Not only does a person with NPD think they are great they also don’t care for others. The infected want constant praise from others, will put down others, think that other people are below them, and have a heightened sense of entitlement.


Why You are Not a Narcissist

If you go and get pictures taken of you, put hours into getting a beautiful image and want to put it up, do it. It’s not narcissistic at all. You look great, you’re not putting anyone else’s feelings down, or are seeing a therapist because you are a jerk.


You are art and if you can appreciate that, then you just have an eye for fine art and not a mental illness.

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