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You Look Great Today

Accept that Compliment

You Deserve It

At one time or another we have all been complemented whether we like it or not. Most of us feel awkward and don’t know how to handle being complemented. It’s a tricky situation to get used to, but we need to learn how to be comfortable with it and accept the compliment, and not brush it off.  


If I tell you that you look nice, or that I like an article of clothing, accept it, I mean it, you look nice. Don’t brush me off, and say no, that is calling me a liar and it is not polite. That is how most people feel when you shutdown a complement.


However, I am not saying that every ‘compliment’  is one, I don’t see catcalling as a positive thing. I am talking about when someone is being genuine and says something kind, not harassment.


How to Accept a Compliment


First Stop Self-Insulting

Skip the “Thanks, but it’s not that big of deal” or “I’ve had this outfit for a long time”


Giving a self-insult undermines the compliment giver and yourself. Which isn’t good for either of  you.


Be Accepting

Even if you don’t agree with the complement just give a simple “Thank you”, it goes a long way and acknowledges the giver.


Body Language

People have crazy skills on noticing body language, keep yourself tall and make eye contact.


Share with Others

If a complement is directed to you but you feel as if it should also be spread around, do so. “Thanks, it’s my sisters dress”.



Do not try to out do someone when it comes to compliments. It will area fake and nothing is worse than a fake compliment. Sorry, not sorry.


What Not Accepting Does

Shutting down a compliment says a lot about yourself and about others. Not only are you calling a person a liar you are also saying that you think you're not great. You are, though. Someone went out of their way to let you know that they appreciate you, that is pretty sweet. 

Allow yourself to see how others see you and give it back to them. Let others know that you appreciate them. 


Note for the Parents

Through the eyes of a child a mom is pure amazing. Pushing a compliment off in front or from a child creates an issue. Not only are you taking that perfect image of your child and allowing them to see you and other women as being fat, ugly, or not smart, it also builds up for a bigger problem later in the childs life. This problem is that the child knows that they are going to grow up and become their parents, fat, ugly, and not smart, even if you tell the opposite everyday. 

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