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Mollys First Time

My First Time

An Emotional Crazy Experience

Lets Do It Again

Even though I'm more of a DC Comics fan I appreciate her shirt.

Even though I'm more of a DC Comics fan I appreciate her shirt.


My first time experiencing boudoir happened last week. It was interesting, crazy, emotional, and enlightening. I will talk you through the process.


First I went into work a bit earlier than usual, only by a couple of minutes. Michelle led me through what to expect, some setup, lighting and where things were and how to have everything looking nice and good to go. Then the client showed up, she was nervous but her attitude was amazing (client described in post is not pictured).


We looked at the lingerie and what options she had, then the makeup artist showed up and worked her magic while I escaped and got some photoshop lessons. After venturing back into the studio I saw all the work done and the client was on to hair.


After all the primping and touch ups the shoot began with test shots and encouraging words shared between Michelle and the client. Deep breaths were exhaled, lights were adjusted and it all officially started.

The longer a session goes the more a client becomes comfortable.

The longer a session goes the more a client becomes comfortable.


At first the client was picking at things that she didn’t like about her body and would get reminded that she’s beautiful, and amazing. And she is. Over some time, coaching and opening up the shoot got more comfortable and relaxed.


At the end after the camera was given a break and I witnessed an event. This event was something that is usually in movies or good books, the kind of thing that gets you thinking and feeling. Michelle sat on the bed with her client and they had a talk. They talked about body image and not being hard on themselves, because if we allow ourselves to beat us up it opens doors to others to beat up on us as well as themselves. I truly believe that being good with who you are is one of the most important parts of life. The clichȇ “you can't love others until you love yourself” is true for everyone, no matter what and who you are.

Going into that day I didn't really know what to expect. Was there going to be body parts all over and splayed, or what? But my experience was more reserved and comforting than that. It was therapy, a day spent on feeling and looking good. A day for love and self-appreciation. 


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