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Sheet Masks; Fun New Trend or Bacteria Infested Moist Towelette

Snail Mucus to Soothing Aloe; Sheet Masks

One of my passions is skin care and I am obsessed with masks. While I prefer masks from Lush, these sheet masks look like a cool option. However, I’m a bit skeptical, they are cute but do they actually do any heavy lifting, or are they a moist fitted sheet for your face?


After doing some research I found some pros and cons on these Korean beauty masks.  



 You can do them all the time

 Most masks are a bit harsh and can only be used maybe 3-4 times a week. While sheet masks are gentle and can be used multiples times a day or week depending on your skin and the type of mask you are using.

Drying Out

 Masks are soaked in serum and vitamins making the mask stay wet longer and not letting it get dry and clumpy on the face.


 Sheet masks are pretty cheap, from $2 to $14 on average. For a spa night or just giving your face some attention $2 is a good deal and allows you to have more money to get for snacks and other necessities.



 Does not cleanse

 Sheet masks are made to nourish, not to exfoliate or cleanse. So maybe after a sunburn or a day that your skin has taken a beating and just needs some tender love is the time to use the cool Korean trend.



 A recent investigation found that most of the sheet masks coming from Korea are packed by people, some in their own homes, with gloves on and some without. Keeping the masks clean and untouched is important when dealing with a moist environment. The availability of water grows bacteria which then is deposited onto the users face. Check out more about this on

Overall, everything has risks. The face masks that I use probably have bacteria in them too, but that is something I’m willing to risk for beautiful skin. I think that the pro’s over weigh the cons and will probably be trying one tonight.

Make sure to do your own research, and to procede with caution. 


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