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Memorial Day Activities

Happy Memorial Day from Clique Boudoir

Cute Pool Accessories Are A Great Way To Go. Add Some Color And Relaxation Stations. 

Cute Pool Accessories Are A Great Way To Go. Add Some Color And Relaxation Stations. 

A time to spend with your family, cook outdoors, be freed from work and enjoy the start of summer, that’s Memorial Day. But what if you don’t fit into that picture, maybe you are away from family or don't have access to a beach, well there is other group activities, or solo events if you prefer, that will fill your Memorial Monday.


Host a Memorial Day Party or Attend One

Get some hot dogs, condiments, a white outfit, sunscreen and some wine coolers or a drink of choice. Day parties are the best, all the food and commotion of a bar without the low lights, and it’s probably going to be cheaper than spending $5 on a beer if you are an attendee.

Charcoal Or Propane Grilling Is Love!

Charcoal Or Propane Grilling Is Love!


What You are Going to Need:

Seating- set up some lawn chairs, ask someone to bring seating if you need help or you can always rent chairs and tables

Lighting- Just in case things go a bit late, string lights, lanterns, tiki torches, and a bonfire will do

Decorations- Red, White and Blue, you can’t go wrong with it. But don’t be afraid to get creative with alternative Memorial Day colors

Food- Serve up some stuff on the grill, or do a potluck, chili cook off, or prep the night before

Dealing with Bugs- Get rid of any standing water, (self filtering pools are okay) kid pools, and get some citronella and some OFF!



Find a campground or go into the backyard. Camping can be a cheap and fun time. It gets you outside, enjoying the elements, getting a dose of vitamin D and creates great quality time with your friends and family.


What You are Going to Need:

Bug Spray

Camping Gear



Military Attractions

Living in an area that is full with military all around us brings many opportunities to experience neat celebrations. See some parades and visit Arlington Cemetery.


Day Trips

Get out and see neighboring towns, see what others are up to. Pack some snacks and make a new mixtape jump in the car and let the road lead you.


Movie Day

Kick Up Your Movie Night With A HUGE DIY Screen!

Kick Up Your Movie Night With A HUGE DIY Screen!


Get on Netflix, or rent some DVD’s, pop popcorn and relax. Use a laptop and go outside, invite some friends and bring snacks. You could even modify it and play videogames, or use a projector and make it a big production. Pile on the blankets and get to chillin’.


Overall get out and enjoy yourself, celebrate you and those around you. Happy Memorial Day!