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Meet Molly

You can call me Molly.

And I am Michelles Unicorn Intern.

I am a  23 year old wildchild and Yooper with a soul fueled by dogs, hiking and love for others. As well as a new Calvert County resident. I have a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication with a specializations in graphic design and digital rhetoric.


You can find me on the beach, all of them, with my dog and a bottle of 100+ SPF sunscreen. I have been diagnosed with skin cancer when I was 19 and have been seeing the beauty in myself and others after each surgery and scar. My time with my skin has been a love and hate relationship, with scars and radiation. However, because of the care and attention I gave myself after the initial diagnosis, I have learned that I am DAMN beautiful, and I can see that everyone else is too.


I am in love. Shortstop is the love of my life, he’s 20 lbs and covered in hair. He’s got a snaggle tooth, and an attitude to go with his crazy looks. He likes long walks along the beach, but not in the water, peanut butter and leftovers, chasing after the cat and running on my grandparents vineyard. He completes me and keeps it interesting.


As mentioned in the first paragraph I am a Yooper.



Noun. A resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, stereotypically they live in deer camps, and we all have an outhouse somewhere on their property.


I grew up with a novelty outhouse in the front yard, it was not in use but for sale. I deer hunt, and can skin and shoot. Yoopers are a tough breed, loving, hunting and drinking, a good time.

My goal in life is to work with you to help you see how spectacular you are. I am excited to start my career with Michelle and am ready to take on Clique Boudoir.  

I will be the lead contact for Clique, I will be writing the blogs and keeping all of you pretty girls in the loop. So feel free to give me a call, ask away, and celebrate yourself. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!


With Heart and Soul,