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I'm Like a Designer Handbag.

"I'm like a designer handbag; sure, you can buy a knockoff but it will never be the same quality" - Michelle

Hey Dolls, sorry I have not blogged in MONTHS!  Naughty me.  To be honest, blogging is not my favorite thing to do.  I consider myself much more of a conversationalist or visual story teller.  But anyway, I am back!

I wanted to take this time to talk about how the boudoir experience has changed.  

Over the years, my business has evolved.  When I first started shooting boudoir, my goal was to bring it to the masses.  I wanted everyone to feel good about themselves and have sexy portraits.  My business model at the time was get them in, show them a good time,  get them on their way feeling good!.... I felt good about it.  

bridal boudoir

After a while, I came to realize that boudoir was much more than just feeling good for that time or having some sexy pictures.  I realized, this was a healing process for many (that should not be rushed).  This was something that took a tremendous amount of courage and these photographs would be almost sacred to these women.  I realized then, what I had to do.  I needed to SLOW DOWN and make this a real EXPERIENCE.  If they were going to trust me, I needed to make sure I did not let them down!  

From there I studied.....  I studied women, their body shapes, how to pose them, how to get them to move on their own, how to coach them for expression, how to meditate and connect with themselves.  I was mentored by amazing artists in the boudoir industry, then I studied and practiced some more.  

Now the experience has evolved into so much more.  Women are leaving here with a new sense of self.  What I mean by that is, there is a part in each of us that yearns to be sexy-confident, or that feels nervous or even ridiculous to wear lingerie, or admit that we are truly beautiful despite our flaws.  

This is why I am a designer handbag and what sets my business apart from the rest.  I am not here to just take your picture.  I am here to give you the boudoir experience, then your parting gift is a document of our time together.  

XOXO - Michelle 

P.S.  The beauty featured in this blog is one of my favorite humans in the whole world.  She suffered from a chemical burn so severe that is has spread over most of her body.  What sets her apart is her strength and grace.  She has learned to embrace herself scars and all.  I tell her all the time...  she is magnificent!