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SWEPT AWAY: A hair pin-up tutorial

Whether hair is swept into a deep side or center part, a smooth and low ponytail or a messy updo, cool and effortless is the look of the season.

Pin-up hair with Braids Twists, Tails, Buns, Knots and more!

Try a New Braid:

Add more texture to a traditional braid by making a bunch of small twists different sized and weave through each other until they form a braid like shape.  This style is best for hair that’s at least shoulder length or longer.  Be sure to use lots of hair elastics to secure all those twists.


Start with a loose ponytail at the top of your head.  Divide your ponytail into two sections and twist into a rope braid, securing at the end.  Wrap the rope braid around the top of your ponytail like a traditional bun and secure with hairpins, elastic or a trendy scarf!

Side sweep:

Add interest to a simple side-swept up-do by adding a wide piece of ribbon around your hairline, securing at the nape of your neck. Choose a similar color to your hair tone for a chic finish.

Loose & Flirty Tails:

This softer pony is worn lower and looser. Using your fingers to comb hair into place works best for this look!  Spritz a texturizing spray at the roots for height and use fingers as your blow-dry hair into place. Use two elastics to make the pony stick out a little further and appear fuller.

Big Buns:

No donut or sock here. Grab make a high and tight ponytail, Grab a strand. Roll it all the way to the beginning of ponytail elastic and pin it in place. Repeat the roll and pin again, again and again until you use the last strand. That’s it!  Use all the pins you want.

Top knots:

Apply lightweight hair oil to damp hair to add softness and shine and blow dry large sections of hair using a large round brush directing your hair away from your face.  Blow dry hair towards the center point of where your hair will be put up.  Flip your head over and gather your hair on top of your head and secure with elastic.  Pull out small pieces of hair with your fingertips for an edgy, undone look around bun.


Hair tip: Want a more playful look in your up-do? Just leave a few strands of your hair loose from a low ponytail or bun and voila!