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A Sweet and Sultry Bridal MargaReita!

She said "you have the coolest job ever."  "No really, I do", I replied as I coached her into position. 

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Part of what makes my job so cool is all of the beautiful, wonderful, women I get to work with.  Reita is a perfect example.  I first met the lovely bride-to-be at her consultation, back in early December.  We chatted about her upcoming wedding, her future husband, and her children.  She was a naturally stunning women and had a very cool vibe.  She was the easiest person to talk to and the type of girl you feel like you've known forever, despite having just met her.  She was very excited and seemed confident about doing the session as a gift for her future husband.  

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The day finally arrived to have her in for her session, she was visibly nervous, which is completely normal, and  she seemed a little less enthusiastic than our first meeting.  However, after we popped open the wine and talked, the nervousness seemed to melt away while Lisa (makeup artist extraordinaire) went to work-applying lashes and perfecting her perfect pout. 

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One of the things we talked about was how, as mothers, we often forget that we need to do things for ourselves.  We tend to get carried away with taking care of everyone else and consequently we completely neglect ourselves.  When this happens we tend not to feel sexy or desirable. This is something we could both relate to.  

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We began her session with a casual bridal look which was a bride t-shirt, a sexy pair of undies and her gorgeous veil. I could tell she felt awkward for the first few clicks of my camera (this too is completely normal). However, as the session went on, she began to feel more comfortable and confident.  


As the confidence builds, the movements become more natural, and the look in her eye becomes more intense.  It is such an amazing thing to watch!

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She finally remembers that she IS a sexy woman. No longer feeling like that version of herself was left in the past.  

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Reita, I can NOT wait to do this again!  Have a wonderful fairy-tale wedding day!

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