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Sisters in Scars – Unbelievably beautiful!

Retreat May 15-18, 2015 in Marble Falls, Texas

This Retreat is for women who have faced breast cancer and breast reconstruction, including previvors.

(A previvor is a person who chose breast removal as a preventative measure.)

So much is taken away from a woman when she faces breast cancer. She may struggle with the fear that her confidence, beauty, and dignity will be diminished. She may be tested and will be faced with unbelievable challenges that she never thought she'd have to encounter. A woman often develops amazing courage and strength to endure such a powerful struggle.

Did you know that, according to the American Cancer Society, "One of every eight women in the U. S. Is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime?"

one in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer

Being female, societal expectations, sexiness, womanhood, and body image--it's already complex enough. A breast cancer diagnosis adds even greater complexities that others may have difficulty imagining. While strong emotions about body-image can occur, so can hope about adapting to the changes brought on by breast cancer be real.

As women, we learn early in life that breasts matter. Breast cancer and treatments bring changes to the body, especially these parts we've come to value so highly. With the loss of a breast or breasts, scars, hair shedding, complexion changes, and weight gain or loss, many women feel ashamed, afraid and troubled with their body changes. These feelings can be extremely hard to manage. Feelings of anger and grief may arise along with the struggle to overcome hurdles. So may strength and determination to return to the previous level of functioning. The woman at the end of this journey will be a different woman than the one who began the journey.

A retreat can be very empowering. The opportunity to celebrate life and hard won accomplishments gained along the difficult journey of breast cancer and reconstruction will be present. Sharing laughter, tears, support, and encouragement surrounded by Sisters in Scars, fellow women travelers on the breast cancer journey who understand what each has endured, will be healing. The chance to be ourselves, open up to one another, share stories of courage, strength, and fear, relax, feel empowered, and encourage others in their difficult journey ahead will be powerful. Sisters in Scars are supportive, therapeutic, and understanding of challenges real women face in their journeys through breast cancer and breast reconstruction.

sisters in scars retreat

Do you know someone who would love to gain empowerment and confidence in her difficult challenges?  Please share the information about the details of this retreat with her and anyone else who may benefit. Http://

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Sisters in Scars mission statement: "We are here to share information and support, and hopefully, inspiration, to others facing and going through breast cancer related surgeries."


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