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Fragrance-Can it Increase a Woman’s Sex Appeal?

Fragrance-can it increase a woman’s sex appeal? Can your man truly be turned on simply by fragrance?

perfume sex appeal

Did you know that scent is the most powerful influences to everyone, especially men! What scent you wear affects a good bit of things, including how your man perceives you. Did you know your perfume can make a man’s pulse race! Scent arouses men on a very primal level. Certain aromas can actually stimulate parts of the brain connected to sexual desire. Sensual scents are more sexually appealing and seem more sophisticated, while floral scents are more tied to femininity, friends and elegance. Citrus scents are said to be more productive in the office, and specific flowers like gardenia are tied to charm and romance.


Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, libido enhancer, and it naturally lowers your stress levels. Vanilla is one of the absolute best scents to choose if you want to display sensuality, comfort, warmth, and indulgence.


Incredibly warming, sexy, romantic, and very relaxed all at the same time. Men are attracted to the warming smell.


Lavender is a powerful mood relaxer, romantic scent, and a comforting scent which men are drawn to.


Violets signify romance, femininity, and also love. They have a citrus scent but it’s not too heavy and not overpowering like other florals can be.


Orchids are my favorite! They have a light, warm smell, that’s similar to vanilla, but a bit more floral. They are tied to romance, indulgence and elegance (exactly what men are drawn to).


The scent of oranges is fresh, sweet and universally appealing. Did you know that men find the fresh scent of oranges arousing? Who knew such a simple citrus fruit would be so enticing to men.


Delicate, sweet, subtle scent is very irresistible to men. Floral scents are ideal for showing off your romantic and feminine side. Even though floral scents are thought to be innocent, they are still appealing.

What’s your favorite scent to wear around your lover? We would love to hear your favorite, comment below!


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