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Lipstick-A girl's best friend!

We kiss, we sip, we angle them to create smiles…..they are one of the sexiest parts of the body.  Our lips are the symbol of feminine mystique.  Lips have the seemingly mystical power to transform, seduce and transcend!  Lipstick is a girl’s best friend!

Lipstick is used to improve contours and fullness.  You can create a plump, sexy or pouty look!  When your lips are paired with the right gloss or lipstick they can make heads turn.  Lipstick can give you a boost in the most adverse situations.  When you are wearing lipstick, you’ll appear more competent in a professional setting and more appealing to the opposite sex.

There are so many lip products out there on the market and I want to share with you my favorite- M.A.C.! Our Make-up artist uses M.A.C. products for our photo shoots and raves about their lipstick.  M.A.C. lipstick won the readers choice for best lipstick in the 2014 Beauty awards.  M.A.C. is known for their pigmented formula and huge shade range.  Their lipstick goes on smoothly and you often forget you have it on.  Lipstick plays up your eyes, accentuates your skin tone and completes your look.

The most important part of wearing lipstick, however, is how you feel when you wear it.  Whether you want to simply enhance the color of your lips or hydrate them, lipstick is the one beauty product women simply cannot go without! 

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