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     When preparing a client for her session, I try to get a feel for the style of boudoir shoot she is seeking.  Most clients confidently state exactly what they are hoping to achieve, while some have no idea what they want or where to start.  As a courtesy, I provide a pre-session prep talk to each of my clients that offers suggestions for outfits and props to spark their imaginations.  I love incorporating the preferences of her lover as well as what she, herself, likes.  One way to help my client  pick-out the proper attire for her shoot is to take a look at what she wears to bed.  Here is what Elycia Rubin, one of the original founders of The Style Network and co-author of Frumpy To Foxy In Fifteen Minutes Flat, has to say about the personalities of each style.  

STYLE: Cotton cami/tank and cotton undies:

“This girl is easygoing and sweet. Let’s call her the girl next door. She’s fuss-free (no itchy lace or stiff underwires for this gal) and comfortable in her own skin.  Plus, she won’t be afraid to speak her mind—a trait many men will find refreshing." Says Rubin. 

white socks and undies boudoir


STYLE: Baby-doll nightie or silk slip

She is “a champion lash-batter and lip-puckerer, she’s a woman who enjoys employing her feminine wiles,” says Rubin. “She’s a pro at manipulating men. Sure, she can be a tease at times, but it’s always in the best possible way.”



STYLE: Matching bra, panty, and garter belt

“The goddess who wears this is 100% woman to the core,” Rubin says. “She always takes the time to look and feel good. She wears a bit of lipstick to bed and applies it first thing upon waking, because she believes a woman should always be prepared for anything...”

matching bra and garter boudoir outfit


STYLE: Long, flowing satin nightgown

“This is an old Hollywood glamour girl who carries the spirit of classic hotties like Eva Gardner and Jean Harlow,” Rubin explains. “She always expects a man to treat her like the lady she is. If she could spend every minute of the day lounging on her chaise in a silk slip sipping pink champagne and listening to vintage Sarah Vaughn, she’d be in heaven!”



Style: Corset and thong

“This woman has fantasies of being a courtesan heating up hearts,” Rubin says. “She’s willing to take chances, live on the edge, and expects the same from her partners.” 

Corset and thong boudoir


STYLE: Comfy but sexy pajama set

She loves the classics—a good book, a rich espresso, and a warm dog at her feet (which is just as good as a warm man, in her opinion),” Rubin explains. “She is aware of her feminine side, but only lets it show to certain people. When she lets her guard down, you will know the experience is special and for your eyes only.”


STYLE: In the buff

According to a survey by Justin Mclachlan, writer/author says; "Those who preferred to sleep naked or would consider doing it were a lot more likely to consider doing a whole lot of other naked activities, like skinning dipping, nude sunbathing, getting naked at the spa, walking around the house or backyard naked, etc.—completely across the board. Even when asked about doing these activities in mixed-sex situations (as is sometimes common in European and Asian bath houses), it still all held up regardless of sex or sexual orientation. Sleeping naked is just a good, strong sign that you’re pretty comfortable getting naked all around."

between the sheets boudoir


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