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Why I HATE Grocery Store Flowers


It's Valentine's Day, I've spent the day preparing my boyfriends favorite meal.  His favorite individually wrapped butter-cream frosted, fudge brownies have arrived from Cheryl's baking company.  I sit down to pour my heart out to him on the inside of the perfect hand-picked Valentine's day card.  I am so excited to show him, just how much I love him!

In he walks though the door, with a bouquet of roses and a card of his own (not really a fan of roses, but it's fine, "it was the thought that counts").  We greet each other with a loving embrace, and a "Happy Valentine's Day."  I hand him his card and goodies, then begin to open my card.  My heart SWELLS...did I read that right?  The card refers to "wedded bliss", Is he trying to tell me something??? EEK!  Flushed, I turn the card towards him to ask about the mention of marital bliss....   To which he replies, "Oh I didn't read that part." I could have died!  


"What do you mean? You didn't read it?" I look down at my bouquet of roses only to realize the grocery store sticker left on the cellophane and that STUPID white bear sticking out of the center! What am I, 16!?  Suddenly, I envision the local pharmacy and grocery store crowded with men scurrying to grab the last of the half-dead bouquet's, chocolates, and stuffed bears left on the shelves, just so they don't end up in the dog house!  "It's the thought that counts" right? Without missing a beat, in-the-trash went the card and flowers!  then, I gave that stupid white bear to the dog!  

WHY, you may ask?  Because, I feel grocery store flowers are only appropriate if you are purchasing them for yourself (or a friend-just because), for well wishes, or they happen to have a seasonal flowering plant that is a favorite of the receiver.   Here is why:  there is no thought involved, there is no process that is planned in advance.  No one ever plans weeks or days in advance to stop and get flowers at the grocery store.  They are a hurried, last-minute, get out of jail free card.  They are a "thoughtless gift."  And, that is why I HATE grocery Store flowers.

Unlike "grocery store flowers", boudoir photography is a well planned, carefully thought-out gift of love.  We are discussing all about the receiver and what they love most; we are incorporating their style and favorite things, and using them as outfits or props.  The gifter is stepping completely outside of their comfort-zone to create this beautiful, intimate gift.  

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Now, I understand that not everyone is skilled at gift giving.  As a matter of fact, I married the man I was talking about.   I realize that he is perfect in many ways, just maybe not in the art of "wooing me."  He has vowed to work on that with the help of the self proclaimed "Wooru", Charmaine from Woo Forever.  I will write more about this amazing company later, in the mean time if you are stuck in a rut or know someone who is, visit  


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