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Ashley's Pin-up Session

Well, hello there doll!  

     I am so excited to show everyone the outdoor pin-up session I did with the lovely Ashley.  I really wanted to showcase that I as a photographer, I am able to produce many different styles of photography, and not just modern boudoir.  I have not had anyone ask for pin-up work despite the popularity, so I thought maybe you just needed to see what I can do


     Ashley was one of our boudoir rep contestants.  As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she needed some red lips and a fabulous pair of red heels!  She would make a perfect modern pin-up girl!


     These shots were taken outdoors on a beautiful 12 acre farm in Southern Maryland.  The classic ride-a 1955 Chevy wagon, was provided by dear friend.  For the look, I did the hair, and the make-up was done by our talented make-up artist Lisa Whittington.  The clothes and shoes were the result of a mad-last minute dash though the mall.  


     I kept the posing simple.  Isn't it amazing how hot this session is, and she is completely covered!  This goes to show that boudoir sessions can range from wearing nothing at all to dressed from head-to-toe, and still remain sexy.  It is whatever you are comfortable with.


     Only 13 Wednesdays until Christmas Dolls!  Make this a Christmas he'll never forget!

The End......

The End......

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