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Classy Vs. Trashy a Boudoir Debate

Dealing with misconceptions about boudoir photography are a part of the job in my industry.  On occasion, I'll get asked, "what is boudoir?"  It's my pleasure to explain that, "I take intimate photos of women that make them look and feel amazing."  Or, if I'm in a hurry, I'll say, "I take sexy glamour shots."  I'd much rather someone come right out and ask me about my job, rather than make assumptions about it.  There are some people who like to lump boudoir photographers in with pornographic photography.  However, there is quite the difference.  It's like class verses trash.   For fun, and a visual demonstration I have our lovely model Christopher Stevens.


Classy ˈklasē/ is defined as 

1.    stylish and sophisticated.

2.    having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior

As demonstrated above, clearly Chris is not showing high standards of personal behavior in his trashy picture.  It is not neither stylish nor sophisticated to spread your legs on camera, and expose your nipple.


Trashy  adjective \ˈtra-shē\  is defined as

1.    not decent or respectable : involving improper behavior

2.    very low in quality

In our classy demonstration, Chris' pose is far more pleasing to the eye.  The lovely arch in his back, his pointed toe, and the way he gracefully places his hand behind his head, project decent and respectable behavior.   

People of class and sophistication hold their heads up high.  They would never grab their crotch.  

"Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class" -unknown

Proper boudoir posing

Remember, "drop in low" in the club, not on camera. Put away your duck-lips and Miley tongue, no one wants to see that!   Lastly, being sexy, does not require one to fully expose their "bits" to the camera.   Sometimes, all you need is a lovely pose and a smile (and maybe some heels).  Stay classy!


Later Dolls!


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