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Skin Deep

Hello Everyone!

I have been so blessed to be so busy, so I haven't blogged nearly enough.  I had to take a minute to share this beautiful session and amazing story.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a lovely young lady named Felicia. She did not opt for a an in-person consult, so our first meeting face-to-face, was on the day of her Boudoir session.  

When she arrived, I was shocked to see a large open wound on her forearm.  I immediately panicked thinking she had just been in an accident.  She was very timid and quiet as she began to explain what happened to her.  She explained this was the result of a workplace injury.  She said it started as a chemical burn.


I got out the first-aid kit and began to reassure her that I could Photoshop her scars and the bandage I was applying.  Sweetly she replied, "No, this is the most beautiful I will ever be, and I want to remember me as I am now."

She went on to explain; "I got the chemical burn three years ago in February. I was cleaning the oven when some of the cleaner got on my arm. I went to Calvert to be treated but it kept getting worse. Calvert didn't treat me the right way so I ended up having emergency surgery at John's Hopkins. Eight months later I lost the graft. But the sores never stopped coming back, and started to spread up and down my arm. Eventually it went to my leg. I saw more specialists than I can name but I was finally diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. It's incurable and will only get worse the longer I have it. It's very painful but I try to look on the positive side, I always have a story to tell."

I was in awe of her, she was so sweet and so beautiful and so completely humbled.  


Thank you Felicia for giving me the honor of capturing your youth and beauty; and thank you for allowing me to tell your story.  


Clique Boudoir Photography

Hair and Makeup by Davey Cook