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Strike a Pose! How to Pose During a Boudoir Shoot.

 A wise woman once said, "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it."

Well, we love you Madonna but...

What's a hard angle? What are soft hands? Why am I breathing through my mouth? Speaking of hands; what the heck am I supposed to do with them?

Never fear because Clique Boudoir is here!

First of all, relax. And I mean relax; your mouth, your neck, your chin. Do not however, relax your hands or your shoulders (this leads to slouching and fidget fingers, lol).

Let's first understand one another. Are you looking for a fun and flirtatious session or are you looking for a seriously sexy bombshell session? How comfortable are you with showing a little skin? Remember we strive to keep our boudoir classy rather than trashy, but a little skin goes a long way!

Second, we want you to feel comfortable with our photographer guiding you into poses that may be a little uncomfortable to achieve. If at any time you are uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Now let's get started.

So, let's concentrate on those hands. Have you ever seen pictures of women who look like they were born to pose? Well, trust me, they were not. They were in fact coached—they had awkward fidget fingers and rigor mortis necks until someone stepped in to show them how.

Yes, we want you to "touch" yourself. We are trying to capture a perfect image, to bring out that goddess, that beautiful and playful seductress. So we are paying close attention to every detail. Sharp angles such as elbows and knees, pointed toes, an elegant chin angle (no one likes a double chin) and of course soft hands. While you are feeling like a prop we see you as an inspiration.

Your hands can be used as magnificent props if used properly. If used incorrectly they can turn your photos into an epic fail.

Here are some examples of the dos and don'ts of hand posing courtesy of Marlen James.

Let's explore some yes and no facial expressions for perfect posing. See the photos below.

Work your #selfie face!

We all know that chin out and down/tilt to the side/look up at the camera perfect angle. It's in all of your Instagram photos because it shows you at your best, right—bright eyed and jowl-free? We love that angle!

We will use several props to help bring your poses to life, such as chairs, window sills, floors, beds, pillows, jewelry and hats. Or guitars...

Of course, our photographer will be there to coach and guide you into gorgeous poses from relaxed head to pointed toes.

And remember dolls: CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY!

So go ahead ladies—get your vogue on.

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