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The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Shape

Hi dolls,

I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and talk about how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape. Whatever your shape, there are some simple tips which will ensure you find a flattering swimsuit that gives you the confidence to make the most of summer. Keep these tips in mind when you’re struggling into a suit under the unforgiving fluorescent lighting of the changing room.

Personally, my favorite place to shop is Swim 'N Sport in the Annapolis Mall. They have a great selection, and best of all, they have friendly sales staff who know just what you need. Annapolis Mall not even remotely convenient? These tips will get you started.

Pear Shape

Draw the eye upward with extra design elements above your waist and downplay your lower-half with darker colors. Horizontal stripes across the bust or waist will balance out larger thighs or hips and make your chest appear fuller. Although you may not need a whole lot of support up top, avoid skimpy tops as they’ll only emphasize what’s down below. Think v-necks or scalloped necklines—it’s all about cleavage.

Fuller Belly
If you want to minimize your belly, try a suit with shirring across your middle section. Slim down with side detailing, such as stripes or a print, by drawing the eye away from your tummy. Don’t go overboard trying to hide your belly with a billowy suit—more fabric means more bulk. Empaphasize your legs with higher cut bottoms.

Small Bust or Petite
Avoid girlie, child-like prints and go for something womanly and bold. Lengthen your body with a sassy bikini. You can pull-off triangle bikini tops without a wardrobe malfunction so go for it; but if you want some help up top, a structured bust will shape what you have or you can fake it with some padding. Distract with ruffles, bold prints and bright color.

Inverted Triangle
Try a halter top to support the girls and provide a deep, feminine neckline. Don’t opt for a high neckline in an attempt to keep things in place, make the most of what you’ve got. Distract from heavier shoulders and bust with an all-over pattern rather than solids. Suits with draping in the middle can balance your upper body with your slim hips.

Rectangle or athletic
Soften your figure with beautiful feminine prints. On a one piece suit, stripes angled downward toward your belly button create the appearance of curves and a nipped in waist. Bold prints and ruffles can create curves at top or bottom, and tie-side bikinis enhance your hips. The smaller the bikini bottom, the fuller and curvier your bottom.

Get out there and flaunt it.

Clique Boudoir