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What to wear for a sexy shoot

Congratulations—you finally did it! You booked your boudoir session and are ready to get your sexy on.

Now what? No need to panic, trust me.

You are looking at the shots in our studio of gorgeous women who resemble professional models and thinking, "Umm, but I don’t look like her!"

Stop fretting. Guess what ladies? Before those gorgeous women stepped into the studio they all felt just like you. Most of the women who go to a boudoir studio are NOT professional models. They are everyday super women just like you.

So, you are probably wondering what you will be wearing for the shoot session. Should you bring something? Do they provide wardrobe changes? How do I show my own personal “sexy”?

Clique Boudoir does carry a few items such as corsets, stockings, thigh high boots, scarves and costumes; however, we strongly suggest—no scratch that—we insist that you bring a few things from home that you feel comfortable and sexy in.

Wait a minute…comfortable and sexy? Now you are really confused, huh? I bet you are picturing yourself in yoga pants and a pair of stilettos, right?

Well, if that’s what your man goes for, I’m not judging… No, what I mean is that we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your sexiness.

Once so you have shaved, waxed, exfoliated, had your mani/pedi done, and even stopped at your local salon to touch up those roots and are standing in front of your closet staring into the abyss of un-sexiness that is your wardrobe, don’t panic.

Stop right there!

Of course we want you to bring a few sexy pieces of lingerie and a nice pair of heels, but before you max out that credit card at Victoria’s Secret I ask you to take a look around your own boudoir (not that we don't love VS).

Be creative! Grab your favorite pair of jeans, your honey’s work shirt, a colorful tie, a wife beater, cotton panties, even your kitchen apron. Anything around the house can be made into "sexy". I bet you have "sexy" hiding all over your house and you don't even know it!

We once shot a session for a woman whose husband was a plumber. We put her in a pair of ripped fishnets, tied her hair up in a bandanna, handed her a plunger, stuck a Marlboro (not lit of course—lol) between her bright red lips and sent her to the kamode! And let me tell you, those pics were HOT!

So ladies, there is really NO LIMIT to what you can do and certainly NO RULES to being sexy!

And if you really need some advice on what to bring you can always give me a call and talk it over.

Here is a list of some of my favorite accessories:

Hoop Earrings
Wife Beater
Cotton Panties
Floral Cotton Knee Highs
Shoes and Shoes!
Ripped Jeans
Panties and Bras
White Button-down Shirt
Neck Ties/Bow Ties
Kitchen Apron

Now stop fretting and start strutting!

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