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Time out! Who is this for anyway??

As a boudoir photographer I get literally dozens of inquiries a week by women wanting to know about my services.  They are hesitant and scared, I spend most of my communication trying to pump them up and reassure them that this is going to be amazing!  So instead of trying to address each of them individually, let me try to address everyone together now!

First of all, your significant other sees you as you are today.  If he's anything like mine, he is not harassing you to loose those 10 pounds you think you have to loose before doing this.  And, I'm pretty sure he would devour every inch of you, if you let him! I know, as a mother of two young boys, my libido took a nose dive into the abyss, yet my husbands never wavered.  I am far two busy chasing after my kids, and tending to our home, and working until the wee hours of the morning trying to launch my business, to even consider feeling sexy enough to allow him to get a little taste, much less devour anything!  Personally, I think, when you spend so much time on others and other things, you forget how to appreciate yourself; you forget to take time to do for you!

Second, have you taken a look at my portfolio/gallery?  I would not be in business at all, if I took pictures of women that made them feel bad about themselves!  I am not that friend or family member that manages to get the WORST possible angle of you while you are chowing down on that juicy burger, then post it to social media for the world to see!  I coach you, and focus solely on taking the most flattering gorgeous pictures of you, to celebrate you. Let me say it again YOU...AMAZING, WONDERFUL YOU!

Last, have you ever looked back at old photos of yourself (from 10 years ago) and said "wow, look at how young and pretty I was" even though  then you didn't see it.  Flash forward 10 years from now... Imagine pulling out your boudoir book and reminiscing on how incredible you look now!  The older you will be so happy you did this me on that one!

So now, ask yourself who is this really for anyway?  You get take time for yourself, sip a little wine, get all dolled up and have FUN!  hmmmm?

XOXO -Michelle