Helloooo dahhling!  If this is your first visit to our website, welcome!  Please take a look around, the website is loaded with information.  In summary, we are a FIVE STAR, luxury brand-boudoir photography company.  We work with hundreds of women every year.  Each and every women was nervous, unsure, and completely unaware of how "these things go."  The most common phrase is "I've never done this before."  That is why we make this crazy fun, and, we walk you through the entire process.  We know the drill, you think you are "awkward" or "can't be sexy."  Just know, you will be working with real experience and talented professionals that you can TRUST! We don't do "cheap" around here, you are not cheap (you are worth it), this should never be a cheapened experience (this is an investment in you), and your finished products should be reflective of your experience (we want you to be proud).  We are almost completely booked through June, take a look at the open dates and take advantage of the offer below.   XOXO

Open dates 2018.jpg

50% Off remaining dates through June 2018

Session fees normally priced at $399.00 are now available for $199.00 for the remaining dates through June.  These sessions are full luxury sessions, NOT mini-sessions.  Session fees do not include any finished products.

*Professional make-up (including lashes) may be booked for an additional $95.00

*All sessions included run-of-the-house, we can work in any set you like. Your session will be customized to fit YOUR vision.  You will be invited back for a private viewing of the absolute-best images from your session fully retouched (if you like).  During your viewing, you will have the opportunity to purchase your favorite images and together we can put together a one-of-a-kind gift/or reminder of how amazing YOU are!

*After booking, we will arrange a personal session styling consult, free of charge.  

Available bookings through June 2018
199.00 399.00
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