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Meet Ashley

Artist - Photographer - Mother of 2

About Ashley

I’m a mama of two and a wife who is still picking her husbands underwear off the floor. We were a Navy family which landed us permanently in Maryland but I’m originally from Virginia. I’m a southern girl at heart who keeps a mason jar of bacon grease in the fridge at all times. I cuss like a sailor and live to make other people laugh. I’M SUPER WITTY whether you agree with me or not and I would give you my last taco if you wanted it because I’ve got a huge heart like that…

How did I get into photography? Well that’s a fun story! After becoming a mother, I COMPLETELY overloaded my cellphone with so many pictures of my absolutely adorable baby that I broke the computer at best buy trying to convert all the images over to a new phone. At that point my husband bought me my first Nikon DSLR, and the rest is as you say, history?

I actually started out professionally capturing images of children and families. After a short hiatus due to a move, I was fortunate enough to meet Michelle! Little did she know, I already stalked her before we ever met because she was my photographer “competition”. After that first meeting I was so impressed with her. Her drive and passion were infectious. She eventually approached me to team up together and after working with her the very first time, I WAS HOOKED. The way she could help these women realize how beautiful they truly were. I’m not the most confident women and I was leaving the session that wasn’t even about me, feeling better about myself! The energy, the sisterhood, the empowerment is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

We are all beautiful just the way we are. Prove it to yourself! I hope to be shaking my booty in the studio with you soon.


“Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am…” -Janelle Mon`ae