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Meet Ali!

Jr Photographer and Empowerment Coach.


about Ali 

When  I  first  met  Michelle at  her  studio’s  open  house  in  December of 2015, she immediately  told  me  that  she  wanted  to  photograph  me,  I  didn’t  take  her  seriously.  Many months later,  I  ran  into  her   at  a gas  station, when  she  said  it  again,  telling  me   to  call  her.  We  had  our  first  shoot  together  on  a  chilly  evening in  November  2016,  and  I  have  been  modeling  for  Michelle  ever  since.  

You’ve  probably  seen pictures of  me around  the  studio’s  website  and  social media. It  was  clear  from  the  very  beginning  of  our  relationship.  That  Michelle  and  I  had  the  same  passions  and  values,  and in  February 2018,  she  began  mentoring  me  in  her  side  of  things—the  behind-the-camera.  I  have  been  working  hard  to  grow  and  develop  my  skills  as  a  photographer  since  then.  I  am  thrilled  for  the  opportunity  to  put  these  skills  to  use,  photographing you! Having  been  in  front  of  the  camera  myself  many  times,  I  know  first-hand  everything  that  you  may  be  feeling  when  you  step  into  the  studio  for  the  first  time.  Lots  of  nerves  probably,  but  I  also  know  just  how  liberating  and  empowering  it  is  to  model  for boudoir. And  that’s  what  you’re  doing  when  you  pose  for  us—modeling! You  are  a  model!  You  are  a  muse!  I remember  my  first  gut  reaction  to  seeing  a  picture  of  myself  like  this—  wow,  is  that  even  me?—and  I am  so excited to  give  you  that  same  experience!  Bringing  beauty  into  people’s  lives  is  my  passion. Helping  everyone  love  themselves  more  and  more  is  my  passion. And I  promise  you  an  unforgettable experience. I  can’t  wait  to  meet  you!  

XO -Ali